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We are a group of data scientists and communications professionals who want to make information about the climate change impact of brands and companies transparent.

The era of global boiling is here. We need to make sustainability part of the equation. Government legislation and business behaviour are key elements, but consumer action and wider public attitudes can shift both of these things. 


This project is a proof of concept for rating the environmental impact of processed food items sold in New Zealand supermarkets.

Fresh Produce


We believe our choices can push for change. 


Do you want data to make better environmental choices for your organisation?


Or do you want to share information so we can all make better decisions about the brands and companies that are really doing the right thing?

We bring together several methodological approaches to analyse processed food products on carbon footprint and each ingredient's overall contribution to climate change. We can generate an environmental grade for each item in every food category sold in New Zealand supermarkets, from chips to cereal to frozen vegetables. 

Contact us if you are interested in partnering with us or finding out the climate change rating of your product category. 

Our decisions matter. 

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