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The Good Rating wants to make sustainable purchasing decisions at the supermarket easy.

We collate data from multiple sources and rate products on their environmental footprint, including packaging and carbon emissions. 


We rate similar products from an A to an F, so you can see which can of tomatoes or packet of rice crackers is doing the best thing for the planet, and which is doing the worst.

Percentage of shoppers that would agree to pay more for a sustainable or ethically produced product.

Fresh Produce
Black and White Earth
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Heart & Hands

We take the power back and stop greenwashing. We aren’t a paid-for tick on a packet. We tell you how good they are, and how bad.

Use your choices to change the world, stop climate change, and ensure that your weekly shopping isn't inadvertently supporting brands that are damaging our planet.



Ratings will be released in the initial category of muesli bars. We will roll out more product categories as we rate them. 

Every week your grocery shopping can support companies that are doing the right thing and punish those that aren’t. We believe in the power of consumers to push for industry change.

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